Twitch founder Justin Kan head hunting in Australia for start-up talent

The man who sold his video-streaming site to Amazon for $US1 billion ($1.15 billion) in August is heading to Australia to find local start-ups to join one of Silicon Valley’s most celebrated accelerator programs, Y Combinator. Justin Kan, a high-profile partner of the...



4 Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money This Season

Want to save some cash while holiday shopping? The best tool can be a smartphone packed with the right apps. Some apps give you coupons you can hand to the cashier to scan, while others let you flip through advertising deals and promotions. Others let you scan barcodes at the...



12 Pivotal Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is well known for his support of innovation and entrepreneurship, having been an early employee of Apple, then going on to start, advise, and assist a number of successful technology companies. He also claims to be one of the only people to work for Steve Jobs twice...



Airbnb Is Inc.’s 2014 Company of the Year

Admit it. When you first heard about people renting rooms in one another’s homes over the internet, without much more than a friendly email exchange to break the ice, you thought it was a crazy idea. Maybe a little creepy. After all, it’s one thing to participate in...

Conversion Optimisation

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Start up?

It’s a tough decision to make:  to sell or not to sell? In the case of Tom Smith, who is now the vice president of business development and Strategy at CloudEntr, he thought the timing and circumstances were right to sell his company (a developer of cloud security) to Gemalto ....

Google Algorithm Change

Google Updates Its Page Layout Algorithm To Go After Sites “Top Heavy” With Ads

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced that Google has released a refresh of its Page Layout Algorithm. The filter, also known as the Top Heavy algorithm, downgrades the ranking of a web page with too many ads at the top or if the ads are deemed too distracting for...